Urban Archery Deer Season

The 2023 Deer Urban Archery Season: January 14th through February 19th. 

Archery Only: 

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has giving North Carolina municipalities the opportunity to participate in an Extended Urban Archery Deer Season.  With the deer populations growing in urban areas the number of motor vehicle accidents involving deer is also on the rise. In an effort to control the deer population and to mitigate accidents involving deer the Urban Archery Deer Season was created.   

At the request of local citizens the Town of Midland has elected to participate in this program. Midland currently has no public game lands, all hunting will have to be on private land which will require written permission from the land owner. This urban season pertains only to land inside the Town Limits of Midland. For a map of the Town Limits and access to land owners you may access online Cabarrus County GIS.

Please follow instructions per Hunting Regulations & Information: All applicable state hunting license and reporting laws apply. For more information please access online North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. Only archery hunting is allowed during this season.