Town Hall & Library Building and Main St.

Main Street & Broadway
The Town of Midland is dedicated to creating a vibrant Downtown area and community center.  The Main Street & Broadway Area Plan is the proposed development pattern for the future Main Street and Broadway Boulevard extension.  The entrance to Main Street is strategically located off US Highway 601 just 1/3 of a mile south of the intersection of US 601 and NC Highway 24-27.  The pictures (below) are general and specific renderings of the future Main St. - Broadway Plan.  Building sizes and styles will vary from these initial renderings, but the pictures show the potential future build-out under current zoning.

Main & Broadway Area Plan (click this link to view the larger map)
1.cropped main and broadway thumbnail

Main Street Aerial Perspective

2.main street aerial perspective thumbnail

Main Street Ground Level Perspective
3.main street ground level perspective thumbnail

Town Hall & Library 

The first part of implementing the Main & Broadway Area Plan is the construction of the Midland Town Hall and Library Building.  The Town Hall and Library Building will be locted on the New Main Street approximately 700 feet from the intersection of the new Main St. & US 601.  The building will be just over 16,000 square feet and house the Midland Branch of the Cabarrus County Library, Administrative Offices, and the Council Meeting Chamber, which can also be used for a community event room.  Architectural renderings for the building and the library interior are below.  Click on the text above each picture to view the larger image.

Midland Town Hall and Library Building Architectural Rendering hall and lib thumbnail

Library Interior Rendering 1

5.lib 1 thumbnail (circulation desk)

Library Interior Rendering 2

6.lib 2 thumbnail (book shelves)

Town Hall & Main Street Site Phase 1 Environment Report/ Geotechnical Study
As part of the “due diligence” prior to purchasing the Town Hall site and accepting the Main Street and Broadway Blvd. donated right-of-way, Midland contracted with a Geotechnical Engineering firm to conduct a Phase 1 Environmental report.  A Phase 1 Environmental Report/ Geotechnical Study examines the soil and water tables and conditions, and then provides a thorough report with recommendations about future site preparation and construction based on the findings.  Please see the link below to view the document.  Please note that the document is a comprehensive report and large in nature.  Therefore, the file could take several minutes to download.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment document for Midland Town Hall property and Main Street & Broadway Blvd right-of-ways