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Welcome to the Office of the Midland Town Clerk.  The municipal clerk is one of the oldest government professions dating back to the year 1272 A.D.  Throughout history the Clerk has performed the archival functions of the governing body and serves as the liaison between the citizens and their government. Your town clerk is the historian of the community and its people and responsible for the entire recorded history of the government's actions. State law mandates that every municipality shall have a Town Clerk.  

The Office of the Midland Town Clerk reports directly to the Town Council and serves as custodian of all legal documents for the Town: preparation of agendas, records Council proceedings, and makes such information available to the public. The Town Clerk is responsible for preparing and maintaining the permanent public record of the Council minutes, ordinances, contracts, petitions, policies, keeper of the Town Seal, attests all Town documents, serves as Clerk to the Board of the Midland Town Council, administers oaths of office, helps maintain the Town website, Town Newsletter, and performs any other duties that may be required by law or the Council.

Please contact Town Clerk Nancy E. Boyden, CMC, NCCMC for more information regarding Midland’s elected and appointed governing bodies.

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Nancy Boyden, CMC, Town Clerk
Office Hours
8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday